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1Stephen Squirrell18.07

Friday 24th June - Windsurf ***** - The Dip at Felixstowe – sunny.


Longboard Fin – 21.64 knot max, 18.07 knot ave., 12.55 knot hour, 17.35 knot mile, 43.36 km., 3.60 knot alpha.


Fanatic Cat with Tushingham Lightning 8.5m and 39 fin.


Wow what a day, summer doesn’t get any better, sunny with a good breeze from the south, two pics in the local paper with one on both About Anglia and Look East, so just not enough stars!!! With high water just before nine it gave me time to do my exercises in the sunny, warm back garden then with the wind increasing I decided to head to the beach. I chose The Dip as I thought it would be easier to park and as I was probably longboard sailing anyway it didn’t matter if the Deben bar would be lumpy as was heading down the coast:) Dropped Mag off at Jacobs ladder and continued onto The Dip where it looked fairly breezy with loads of white water, I have still not found my wind gauge so took a chance with 8.5 on the lovely old battered Fanatic Cat longboard, my 11th outing on it since breaking my foil, the replacement hopefully will be arriving soon! My plan was to sail over the border to Essex but would see if the wind played ball, I launched at 12.30 into some pretty steep chop and beat out past the red and white bouy in ideal winds for the 8.5. Then a long run past the pier with three shorter runs getting me to the River Orwell where the tide had pushed up some big swells. I quickly crossed the shipping channel and set course for the twin old metal lighthouses on Dovercourt beach which I made with no problems:) It took just over an hour so it was time for a snack and to take loas of pics, it is a nice spot and haven’t been for ages! With the track now at the back and the dagger board up it was time to head back on some absolutely mega long reaching runs. The first run being 4.50 miles, in the back straps, even managed to gybe, in fact I was out nearly three hours not falling in once, my longboard skills must be returning! Two miles back to the beach at The Manor where a few were out both foiling and finning before the start of another fantastic run over three miles of reaching broad which certainly smooths the sea out. Three shorter runs got me back to The Dip as the wind was easing down with still no sealers or kiters out here :( With a couple of days of stronger wind coming over the weekend I packed up and headed for home. Mag had had a bit of trouble sorting out the Bluetooth for her electric bike wheel but hopefully that is sorted, can’t wait to fit mine and enjoy the power assisted ride! So, a pretty near perfect day, windsurfing doesn’t get any better, that Cat is a dream with some amazing big Suffolk skies too:)