Results of the day
1Raymond Wortel33.65
2Dietrik Huizing27.41

Marvelous session. Really nice to sail in the warm weather again. 
Sailed mainly alone as many where leaving when I started sailing. 
I expected to be very underpowered because my 7.8 mast isn't replaced yes, but even with 7.0 it went well. 
Nice chance to practise sailing on the SL-pro fin again combining it with the modified fmx medium wind 104.
Didn't get speeds over 65 km/h yet on my medium board before. 
I'm very happy the way I customized the board and it felt like speeds could have gone up with more juse. I think I will get this board over 70 km/h some time, but first need some more  gear tuning and practise. 


Quick but gusty session, meeting after +-2hrs :)
Wind direction changed a lot.
Plan was to test the SL-PRO and SL-X, but not  a change  in these conditions...