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Results of the day
1Raymond Wortel33.14

Testing day, started with the LD-PRO and 7.7 as the prediction is/was Tramontane.
After 60km I switched the 130 for the 106 to test some new fins in slalom conditions.

SL-X B9 (the one from earlier this week) and a new SL-PRO f2.9, both 34cm.
The first runs with the SL-PRO felt a bit strange, changed to the SL-X, got the aha moment and later one changed back to the SL-PRO.
The f2.9 is softer and more aimed on women or lighter riders, I really loved the feeling of the fin, nice flexing and always with power and control.
Don't know if it is as fast as the SL-X in Rouet conditions, but for slalom it is NICE!

Fastest runs with the LD-PRO and Das Boot :)