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Results of the day
1Hans Kreisel40.29
2Stefan Brouwers37.24
3Gerwin Slingerland36.59

Mooie dag met minder mooi einde, 1,5km terugwandelen dus cooling down gehad...

gevaren met 6.4 np en vin 27 weed 

Started with the jp71....stayed a bit to long on this big one. Took the jp55 and tried some runs, had 1 really good gust.

Was a nice day and good to see everyone especially Jacq P, good to see you on the water mate! 

Dank je wel Stefan was er ook blij mee je weet hoe graag ik vaar wil het graag blijven doen . en zeker me maatjes zien ,

Jibing in the shallow part cost me a fin today :(  Happy i had a spare asy with me to get back. Fun to see the faces of people before and after they got stoned on the weedfield ;) Fun session with a lot of people at Ouddorp