Results of the day
1Bjorn Dunkerbeck38.96
2John Skye36.94
3Oliver Schaarschmidt35.58

Super gusty and difficult conditions, but put my brand new F-Hot 28 SP/SL fin in my board and had my best max speed and 2s of the year! The gust stopped completely after so couldnt quite get my 10s record, but considering how holey the wind was, really happy. Would love another full power windy day before the winter comes to really see what these fins can do. 

New Y27 X-Wing is obviously working great too!! Very happy with the gear right now. I think I even beat Bjorn on the Max speed, although he rigged a bigger sail, so probably got ahead after! 

Nice afternoon session with Björn, John and Kai. Wind was very gusty and dropped after a while and on the cource all the time not constantly there..... missing 2 more fast runs..