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1Stephen Westwood27.18

Kicked off my Auckland Windsurfing Association GPS Speed Challenge campaign. Rigged my 5.5 Maui Sails TR-4 and 95L SL58 Carbon Art. Wind was SW 25-30knots and choppy water. The tide was incoming and the 'Speed Lane' opened up for a few fangs behind the sandbar. This is the second time I've sailed this 2007/14 year old speed/slalom gear and it was terrifying at the start of the session as didn't have the harness line position tuned but started to relax and feel confident to bear off the wind and sheet in. Got a few ok runs in the speed lane but the angle wasn't ideal. Managed to do 29.2 knots which is just shy of the mythical 30-knot barrier! Lots more to learn about speed sailing and it is actually really fun flying at nearly 60kmh just on the fin! Great antidote to all the foiling I do these days!