Results of the day
1Kai Kaufmann36.31
2John Skye35.51
3Maksymilian Czaplewski31.58
4Maksymilian Czaplewski28.59

very offshore.....hard to get an angle.....i would say 3 kn too slow :-(

but windy windy windy....i love it!!!!!  A C T I O N

A bit unfortunate today. I think the wind was really good for 5.6, but that was the only sail I was missing. Had some ok runs on 5.2 but was missing some power. Then tried the 6.2 and I was dying. Probably if I had put some lead on and been braver, the 6.2 would have been very fast, but wasn´t feeling it and had a few near death moments, including one where someones gear blew out the water, shot up 2 metres and hit me. Best speed was with 6.2 though. 

Kai killed me again... need to do something about that!