Results of the day
1Rafal Kapuscinski41.79
2Christian Arnold41.78
3Nils Bach41.45
4Adam Mróz41.32
5Remco Kes40.79
6Laurent Fesquet40.51
7Heidi Ulrich39.55
8Thomas Moldenhauer38.57
9Paul Lampaert37.48
10Kristian Bach36.63
11Brecht Lampaert33.74

Already 65km on the slalomkit (80l/6,2/30fin) when the wind for the speedboard came, made 41,4 max and some 39 runs on the slalom, took the 6,2 on the speedboard and the first run was my fastest already with 43,44, that's my fastest 10sec run on a 6,2 sail so far i think, after that my energy dropped quick, think i made less then 10 runs on the speedboard...

5 days in a row over 40 average, cannot remember a period of tramontana like that, doesn't get any better :)

1st time on this spot and 1st real speedsession. I had to get used to this spot. Not really flat and very gusty. But again pr's: 2sec, 10 sec,...

Happy me :)

Nice Bikini Soul Speed Session with shifty wind...  :-)

Another speed day at La Palme. Personal record for the mile and a pretty good alpha500.

gusty, shifty but perfect test day.

found the perfect fin & sailtrim

Nice Slalom wind session in the morning with Nils. Took the largest sail on the water, 7,1/62/32. Max. Speed 40,35 kts, 2s 39,95 kts. Very satisfying for me.

Later the wind increased and I took the Speedboard 5,6/45/21for a few runs. Was too exhausted after the slalom session and after 5 days of suberbe Tramontana. Had to give up. 

This post provides data from 2 different sessions.


My first time sailed a max of 80+ with 6.2m2.

Gefeliciteerd met je PR Brecht ;-)