Results of the day
1Twan Verseput 46.76
2Twan Verseput 46.57
3Dirk Doppenberg44.49
4Dirk Doppenberg44.4
5Gerlof Hansma44.01
6Remco Kes43.13
7Rolf de Ruiter41.87
8Tjerk Baan Hofman39.52
9Tim Joosten31.51

Zware omstandigheden op de brace, baan was erg ruim, soms 3 keer steken om terug te kunnen komen. Blij met mn snelste run!

Coros track or pronounced non doppler by some?

Broad but nice! Had to do 2-3 times upwind reaches to get back which made it super heavy and impossible to do a lot of runs. On the track it was nice and flat, could have handled some more wind for higher speeds. 

GW-60 track or true doppler as some say? 

posted with a motion thats even faster....... ;) LOL 

Next time take a GT31 to check your speeds. 

Your fast enough Twan don't mess around and play the game 

Vette sessie! Helaas net geen 80 avg. Volgens de echte snelle mannen vaar ik niet dicht genoeg bij de kant. Volgende keer maar dichter bij de kant varen en iets langere runs maken. Ben wel blij dat het insturen in de baan zo goed ging. Ik zag dat andere daar soms best wat moeite mee hadden.

Wild session! The tide was really good but the wind super broad making it a challenge to get to the flat part. Getting back upwind took 3 reaches, and my arms did not enjoy that at all! Once I grew a pair, my speeds went up a lot but unfortunately I got to tired to erase my slowest runs.. happy with my fastest run though:) great speeds by Twan, and well done Kes!!

Motion is my preffered gps, site posts it with an doppler track automatically on that gps. That is why GW60 was in the comment of my session as i cannot change it. But you are absolutely right, please flag my session and I will also alert gps speed they the gps is automatically put in wrong. My track from today is in your inbox then you can check it for yourself as you asked for some others from mine also. The session from 2 weeks ago where you asked for is also in it :) 

Thanks for looking after my sessions, very kind keeps me alert :) 

Heavy day on the Brace cours was really broad cost a lot of energy,

to come back upwind. when we started the entry of the run was really choppie later when the tie dropped it was getting better.

posted with Coros Apex Pro as it so easy stop the session all automatic,

in the your GPS3 Profile.  love it.

Nothing in my inbox.

I got triggered to ask by people who watch you. 

You have to be honest to yourself and the rest. 

You know what gps session to post by 0,01km/h when you are in the GP3S top 10 with the correct device

If this is done wrong by someone else of gp3s you have your own resposibillity to let it be corrected and maybe you will have to look at another dozen of posted sessions if you want to look in mirror. 


Check your inbox better, mail is send at: 20:14 

Both motion and gw60 valid devices for the sessions so I don't see the problem anymore. But again thanks for pointing everything out and watching my session all the time seeing your reaction so fast on my session show how keen you are on keeping track of me :) 

Someone........ posted coros data under gw-60 and thats why your speeds are corrected from 88,44 to 88,19 avg.

It is not that it happend without a reason.

Could have known the tracks are in my SPAMBOX! :)

If nobody opens his mouth in public i'll do it.



Heftig dagje met pijnlijke crash. Gelukkig nog wat runs kunnen maken uiteindelijk

Maybe good to clarify a few things, the session (#2 in 2021 ranking) has been corrected by the timekeeper. In the approval proces of the Coros devices we have asked several top riders to provide reference data and post data from muliple devices from fast sessions. We collect as much data as possible and in this specific situation we have made an error with the publication of this specific session. This was NOT an rider error , and actually a mistake by us (yes, we also make mistakes) and we clarified this already by email communication last week, so no need to start this discussion again. We will add some new procedures and rules for top sessions in the top 10 rankings also in the next weeks, this will be combined with the approval of the Coros devices, the release of the adjusted firmware has been delayed by a few weeks, but is expected any time now. With this firmware version all data from the Coros devices will have the the error data as required for our platform and makes local validation possible. (see also -> ) 

Glad you have them, good to see that you als acuse me directly of not sending them without checking your own spambox, easy to forget that one ofcourse. 

You have my mailadres, and my number also already for a long time. Send me a text directly, saves all the other people long mails. Since a wise men said it is nice to be wise, but it's more important to be nice. Don do it behind someones back they always find out. 

Had veel moeite met de chop en een goede aanvangsnelheid (was me iets te ruim..). Uiteindelijk maar 2 runs kunnen maken....

Desalnietemin, toch nog een PR op de run....stoked!!

Toch best een prima dagje en blij dat ik weer 80 op het scherm zag....

I send the rtk's a mail because i knew there is more going on then just one wrong post by more then one person. Wanted to hear them say what went wrong. I also have data from your teammate Dirk which shows the same default. You can never have the same data to 0,00km/h from 2 different devices. So when i see a orange dot posting turning into green with the same numbers something is wrong. You cannot do that so there is someone pushing the wrong button which isn't you. Please check your sessions guys if you are from the test squad. Sorry for the reality it's hard.....


Ik ben t met Hans een dat deze sport en vooral eenduidigheid voorop staat. Waarom in een sport, waar relatief weinig mensen aan mee doen, kleine verschillen te grote verschil maken, steeds meer verschillen laten ontstaan door verschillende gps devices?

Juist door consequent en eenduidigheid blijft deze sport toekomst houden, anders versplinterd dit net als de politiek,.... 

Dus gp3s blijf op een transparante en stabiele koers, en stel sportiviteit voorop. 



doppler post.