Results of the day
1Hans Kreisel48.19
2Vincent Valkenaers46.56

3 times is shipwreck Vinnie or whatever ;)

Blue steel back on top!!!!!  Was a little pissed off after waisting the best wind thusrday but it was a hell of a story. going out on sea with the most epic conditions ever. Maybe i needed this for today. Was properly windy when we arrived but decided to go big. As my 5,8 E12 was totally destroyed last time. I took out my spare and old partner in crime the 5,6 E9. This decision payed off big time the wind was just good for the size sometimes a little to low. But i was flying. Was really lucky today touched the sand once but i could pull the fin threw and i snapped a harness line at 90km/h was happy to hold on to the boom but to bad because i was just bearing oof the shoreline. could have been a fast one.

Big Thanks to my sponsors: JP-Australia Neilpryde Z-fins and last but last least Bar de Stulp can't wait till Corona is over and have some beers.

sail was to smal to bad. 

hans was on fire with his 5.6


to bad the session ended wit a broken mast and a boat trip with the knrm

thanx hans and wouter for al the help.