Results of the day
1Dennis De Pauw40.45
2Patrick Depoorter38.14
3Koen Onderbeke36.47

Nice morning session! before 8h at the beach. I was glad that my friends Koen and Mp-ke were here as well. Later the long distance man Dennis arrived also. Good to be on the water with Les Fanas and other French friends.

First hour there were lots of little rollers, nothing to wurry about but difficult to find a path to go fast. Later most of them disapeared, but now and then, all of a sudden, one came out of the water surface. From 10h they where gone.

Wind was'nt as strong as I hoped for, I switched several times between two sets. Best was with this one. Got a small PB on the nautical mile, I'm happy with that. The avg is good for a personal top 5.

Max display was 77km/h

The story of my year is that it is never windy when I'm here. Not for La Palme, not for Rouet. Sunday will blow, when I'm back in Belgium :( But that's how it is.

Still very glad I can do this.

Immediatly on the speedboard at 10pm after a 1200km drive (during night).

A bit low wind, with very short gusts.

But damn it's so nice to be here again. Going to be a great vacation with Ellen and Zora.

Good to see the Belgian crew here (Koen, MP and Patrick).