Results of the day
1Vincent Valkenaers47.04
2Jacques van der Hout46.25
3Hans Kreisel44.93
4Christophe Peyrouse44.39
5Johan Huitema42.49
6Jean-marc Degrelle41
7Koen Onderbeke39.17
8Marie-Paule Geldhof35.66

Sessie 18: Samen met Hans naar La Franqui getogen. Voetbanden namen wat tijd maar board lag erg neutraal. Mooie eerste dag met vele oude bekende speedies!

Not so bad considering my condition...

thanks Principe for saving my equipment after my crash!!!!!

Not my day to tired probably

sick session I needed to wait on the right gust but could do 5 good runs that brings me to the second place of the year top 10 :p

always nice to fly over 50knots :p

thnx to all the sponsors and support.

neilpryde, jp-australia, Zfins, harlekijn, baakman interieurbouw,

valkenaers interieurbouw:) 

Weekend of windsurfing, watching Formula 1 and eat the best steaks ever in a secret restaurant. Stopped early because i twisted my knee (and had to watch F1 quali), i hope tomorrow i can sail again.

square , but nice early session ,

jacques, hans , vincent & christophe , it's up to you ! ;)