Results of the day
1Christophe Peyrouse41.05
2David Van der Veken39.08
3Gerwin Slingerland38.47

After a very long time (too long) back on one of the most beautiful spots in the world!! 
A long time that I had sailed my speedboard what so ever and so I had in mind to just have a few runs (started late at night some after 20h) so I had not much time before sunset. 
After 2 runs of "easy" sailing I went for it and did a few nice runs wich gave me some nice numbers. One of my runs showed me a topspeed (1 sec) of 80.5 on the dial so I still got it! It has been a few years ago that I saw that one on my screen so really happy. The gear was performing great and solid so that was a great and short session until dark!