Results of the day
1Vincent Valkenaers44.23
2Raymond Wortel41.06
3Johan Huitema40.79
4Dennis De Pauw40.43
5Christophe Peyrouse40.04
6Patrick Depoorter39.39
7Laurent Fesquet38.68
8Jean-marc Degrelle38.43
9Marco Lambers37.74
10Anthony Rebours37.25
11Marie-Paule Geldhof35.35
12Andre de Jongh34.92

first test with the new ka sail speed.... looks really nice but the wind is too square and irregular... hope good conditions very soon to test it again

Sessie 50: Tja en dan die maandag...., er stond wel wind maar niet die powerwind die ik gehoopt had. Ik had telkens de verwachting dat dat wel zou komen maar het bleef winmdkracht 6 met af en toe een vlaag van zeven. Toch lang gewacht en later met de W49 nog wat gespeeld. Die klooptr erg lekker, en achteraf had ik hier s'ochtends mee moeten beginnen (inclusief 6.4), maar ja achteraf... :-) Volgende keer beter, aan het materiaal ligt het hem niet..! I'll be back...!

fantasic day on the water

Started with a low powered run, when I gybed the wind kicked in big time!

Next run is a PB run! 0.11km/h faster...

During the day the wind shifted a lot, at La Rouet no wind and when you entered the run it kicked in to flying sand conditions.

Enjoyed myself! Big Time!

Voor de eerste keer op Franqui, wat een topspot om hard te varen. Ondanks de vlagerige wind die ook nog van NW naar N flapperde en weer terug, heerlijk gevaren. PR gesneuveld maar net de 70 niet gehaald, Een goede reden om nog een keer te gaan.

Raymond en Remco bedankt voor de support.

La Franqui 2 September 2019

Wall to wall sun shine, warm air, warm water, no danger from sandbanks or whatsoever, a perfect beachline but......

Just like Jean Marc said, very irregular wind, both in strength and in direction. from nothing to 20-30-35 kt and back. Sometimes it was a long wait to be able to get wind again, after crawling back upwind, ending up to far out at sea.

Still it was a good session, happens to be my 3th in AVG and a PB on 500m!

I was out early enough to catch the best wind of the day, others had less luck ;) apart from Vinnie who seems to make his own wind and go fast as hell!

Although wind was to light for me for decent speeds on 5.6m² I managed to get the trim of the sail so good that even in these shitty conditions I could stand my man ;) Man I love these Racing Blade 5.6 so much more than the Speed Blade. For me the Racing Blade is much more stable and powerful! Inthese conditions 78 km/h gives confidence for another day with more wind.

Tnx Vinnie for the good Fin advise, it worked today!

Great battle in the most sportive sense between Koen and me, yesterday Koen Won, today it's my turn ;)

Good to be still able to practice this fabulous sport! 



Too small sail!

A windy day... however the forecast was not that correct.. actually too litle volume with w44 sometimes.. flat water and around 10-14 people, so a nice day.

Remco and Raymond could not stop.. they must have done many kilometers today, cool!


nice but strange session wind was on and of 

but nice speeds again 

windstrenght from 10 to 35 knots ,

west to north wind direction , that's the story of the morning ,

I woul try some fin , but in these conditions , it was hard 

Shitty session, left early.

Happy tho to not be too far off the pace of Vinnie (+- 2km/u)