Results of the day
1Christian Arnold40.51
2Sébastien Bourgeois39.6
3Nils Bach39.01
4Christophe Peyrouse38.95
5Willem Wolvers37.69

A bit to early at the spot for some action so we had to wait a bit. But the wind in the end came. Most of the time to much N in it so not really good NM time as there was some rolling chop on the track and it would be hard to get upwind back. Started with a KA Race 5,7 2020 but was a bit underpowered. Luckily I allready did had a 6,3 ready. Because of the choppy condition put a Mistral Slalom 91 under it what worked out pretty well. :)

Difficult day, wind was generally 20-30knots all day, so the strongest this week, but angle was way to broad, so a lot of rolling chop with some little waves rolling in in between which caused the sandbanks to cause problems on the run again, this made a good mile difficult...

Hope tomorrow will be good, last day of this Tram!