Results of the day
1Nils Bach38.66
2Roger Örnvang36.24
3Willem Wolvers36.23
4Heidi Ulrich33.9

First day at La Rouet. Early morning the wind was really nice so did wet my new KA Speed 5,2 for the first time. Today as there was Prince of Speed I  had to use the track and try the Nautical Mile to get a nice PR on it. First run I planed completly but then the way back upwind, Eeeek that was hard work. Second run I had a drop of the wind half way and it was a strungle to get back upwind. Changed gear to the KA  Speed 5,7 but that was to low powered aswell. After a short break I did get my KA Race 6,3 and Mistral speed 55. I had one more NM run. If it was the fastest I don't know. But they way back was hell as the wind was dropping more and I had to swim at a point to get back. Luckily Gautier brought me a 7,0 with bigger board to get back and he did get back on my gear. Super THX Gautier:)

Yesterday I noticed I had a Nautical Mile of 34 knots and that's a real big PR coming from under 30 knots:) 

In the morning good conditions for the nautical mile but wind decreased fast...

My first day at Prince of Speed. Amazing place and fantastic event ??????