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Results of the day
1Vincent Valkenaers46.94
2Jacques van der Hout46.35
3Dirk Jan Knol44.29
4Christian Arnold42.61
5Jean-marc Degrelle40.88
6Tim Otte40.78
7Gilles Paredes-Vinuales40.34
8Bram Kloosterman40.24
9Nico Nouwen40.1
10Heidi Ulrich39.53
11Patrick Depoorter39.27
12Rainer Motloch38.95
13Zinou Guiri37.14
14Zinou Guiri37.14
15Birgit Hoefer36.39
16Gilles Paredes-Vinuales34.46
17Gilles Paredes-Vinuales33.3
18Gilles Paredes-Vinuales26.87

I won the 500m Prince of Speed Event 39.48knots


I did the



38.06 knots on the watch and in the Gates 37.62 knots 

Super happy that i broke the official german female record over 500m !!

Prince of speed

PR 500m...but i was surfing all the time for the nautical mile...super wind but unfortunately with a big sandbank after 500m..?!?

I did 7 runs inkluding surfing back to the start....no shuttle because of water on the beach....

Prince of Speed event session: 3 runs, wind continously increasing during the day. Wind was not too broad. Very nice sailing with some of the fastest guys and girls in the world!

Managed two PBs for me; best 500 and Max speed of 44 Knots!!

Congratulations to all the PBs and records, in particular Heidi, Birgit and Vincent who were really flying on this day to remember! 

Great day at the Prince of Speed 500m race. We sailed four one-hour races, very exhausting but it was a lot of fun.

sick day today did only 500m for the prince of speed but never expected to sail tis numbers witout sling shot just crazy  saild my best 500m evver on open water and i think its the fastes 500m on open water evver saild by a windsurfer so realy nice super happy. was pushing al day with my 5.6 and i was complete destroid at the and of the day.

THNX to the sponsers neilpryde/jp-austalia/Zfins/harlekijn /valkenaers interieurbouw/baekman interieurbouw /

Surfed at the left-hand side of the waterpump due to the POS. Little bit gusty but had some fun.

eerste keer deze spot. Een hele ervaring. deed mee aan POS evant. Laatste twee runs met PD53...

 super dag POS. verder commentaar later.

Prince of Speed 2019   500m

Monday june 10 2019

Hard to make speeds in a straight line for me. POS is a great event, with only the best of the best and.......me ;) 

After a hard spring, with lots of wurries about my lovely wife Martine her health, and not been here for a while, it was not easy to get the "Free Mind Speed Switch" on.

First heat I did with 5.6m², wind was ok but not super hard, square, so difficult for me, even with the lead. 

Second heat also 5.6m² wind had picked up now and it was even harder to make speeds in these square winds, I was already exhausted after this heat, I had to walk back after every run, it was not possible to sail back close to the beach not to disturb the other riders, further out was to hard for me. After this heat I was thinking about quitting , but after coffee and a snack, and the little rest gave me strenght again to keep going.

Third heat I decided to go smaller and took 5.1m² maybe that wasn't the best choise, but I thought it would be another two long heats to withstand and had better chanche to score with the smaller sail.

Altough the wind was defenitly blowing harder now, my speeds didn't increase anymore.

Fourth heat was just a matter of doing two more runs before beeing completely knackered. After this one I was proud/dissipointed at the same time, but think I can say: Hey, we did it again.

Prince of Speed 2019 was again a great experience for me, but also a lesson that one has to be prepared well to give 100% in an event like this. This is not comparable to free speedsurfing, because the clock is running and the runs need to be done in this time frame.

Taking part in this event is also speeding with the best of the best in our dicipline!

After all I liked the recompensation that Principe gave me in his words: "Patrick, you were like a lion on the water, a great knight"

Very nice day for the Prince of Speed. Today i did only 500 meters on a fixed course. We did 4 one hour heats today, i am totally broken now. Congrats to Vincent for his fast 500 meters.

nice day , but I had to sail very low next to kitezone ,

so , a little rolling chop, that's life,

I believe jacques and vincent will tell us big numbers today ! 

Great day at the Prince of Speed 500m race. We sailed four one-hour races, very exhausting but it was a lot of fun.