Results of the day
1Jacques van der Hout46.1
2Hans Kreisel44.59
3Christophe Peyrouse43.31
4Jean-marc Degrelle41.61
5Nils Bach40.72
6Laurent Fesquet40.46
7Gerwin Slingerland38.24
8Laurent Paya37.9

very beautiful early morning despite I was underpowered with my small sail ,

unfortunately , the wind picked up when I had to go to work ,

bad luck


Happy new year!!! Was changing a lot in the gear today only to find out maybe i was just to tired. Hopefully tomorrow morning i will be fit again and the conditions good. Today was pretty F***king windy at times 

Today i did also a few 500 meters. Wednesday i did only 10 second runs and my 500 was really bad because of that.

great to be here for a couple of days, not my fastest day today but okay...

tomorrow looks even windier, lets see if ill go back to rouet or stay in empuriabrava and try a speedspot there...