Results of the day
1Jacques van der Hout47.3
2Gunnar Asmussen46.97
3Vincent Valkenaers46.84
4Christophe Peyrouse44.79
5Dennis De Pauw44.6
6Jean-marc Degrelle43.02
7Laurent Fesquet42.01
8Jean-Charles Hoffmann40.84
9Paul Van De Perre39.21
10Valde Viiding39.09
11Anthony Rebours39.08

Still struggling to find my 6th gear. Don't know what the problem is. Tiny PR on avg and max speed but in these conditions you just expect more...

I sailed with a Z-fins 19cm which was too small.

Congrats to Jacques, Vinnie and Gunnar who were flying et aussi les mecs JM and Peps avec le PB's!

And last but not least my buddy Paul with 79km/u max, 80 is coming!!!

Aga kella peal oli 8 ees


Sail point-7 ac-1


nice day supper flat so me happy :p

new PB on 10 secondes , very very happy !!

first time above 44 knots !

very beautiful and strong day , 

some guys fly today , we know their names :p 

congrats  ,guys ! 

I love my new NeilPryde EvoXI 

too big board for this conditions Patrick 48... really squared but flat and funny... reaallllly good session