Results of the day
1Nils Bach41.79
2Ralf Ewers40.14
3Manfred Fuchs39.86
4Thomas Moldenhauer37.63

5.5 degrees - not my game...

i will never say again "it is cold in my classroom..."
Congratiulation Nils to your amazing speeds with the new warp_fin

Erste Session in Büsum. Respekt vor dem weiten Weg zum Priel. Hier muss man Kondition mitbringen. Mit allerletzter Kraft 5 Läufe zusammengebracht. Kälte 5,5°C. Trägetechnik und geeignetes Schuhwerk, dann werden die Zeiten auch besser.

Interessant zu sehen, wie Nils, Ralf, Manfred hier zurechtkommen. 


easier conditions then 2 days ago, but a lot colder (5.5°) and less wind, still happy with the speeds in lightwind with the new Warp.Fin. Used the 400cm Mast today, whch gives more power in lightwind I think

made a big crash at 40 knots on my third run hitting a sandbank, luckily the harness line snapped and nothing more expensive broke. Fixed the harnessline with a piece of rope and continued, got my confidence back after a few runs and made some nice runs, I like the 500m in this wind.

Probably the last speedsession before the winter?