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Results of the day
1Christian Arnold38.21
2Dirk Hacha37.36
3Tom De Pauw37.34
4Thomas Moldenhauer34.92
5Heidi Ulrich33.09

Nice slalom session with the focus on alfa racing...PB

Super Slalom Session with Christian and Heidi. First time exceeding 40 kts max. speed with a Slalom board at the end of a day. No more power to repeat these runs.  

PB Alpha

Day 4 of my LF trip with Tom.

Light wind day with some gusts later in the afternoon.

Certainly good enough for a couple of hours of fun in a pleasant weather.

Nice alpha's by the Swiss ! ;-)

See you all next year!

Rigged very optimistic: 45+5.2 "as always" the usual set ;-)

Shame the wind didn't pick up. There were more clouds than predicted and we even saw a rainbow several thimes. So I just changed board to 50 (63 liter) with 5.2, a bit of a strange combination but it went ok in the gusts.

Can't complain, 30 kms including some long rides to the village of La Franqui together with Dirk.