Results of the day
1Vincent Valkenaers44.05
2Andy Laufer42.63
3Nils Bach41.93

Super sqaure 

And super windy alday gust over 70 knots 

Afternoon littel les but super sqaure good for slingshot 

What a day. Wind started with normal force between 30 and 45kn dead offshore. Lots of fun, Antoine was also out, we did some nice filming with new angels. Wind got too strong at aroung 11.30. Gusts of more than 70kn, nature told us to go home. After 3 hours break we came back and wind was "lighter" Still straight offshore but nice and smooth. Was not a fast day but fun with Vincent, Ben and Matteo! Had to leave early as I had to drive back to Germany.

Few runs in the morning to warm up for the Speed Cup in dead square conditions, at noon wind was gusting 70 knots so no start... 4,7 felt good, new fin was also great