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1Rolf de Ruiter34.19

I did not expect a session like this. I was gonna go for a short session but it was way to much fun to quit. I had a 61avg on the Modena 72 with 7.7 when I wanted to stop, but decided to rig 7.0 and take the 62 for a spin. that was really awesome with a run of almost 65 out of nowhere. made run 1,3 and 5 with the smaller gear. the waves were pretty high today, also a little messy so it was a real challenge to go fast but the AV gives so much control and confidence. now I know for sure that 70 is possible when everything comes together here. this was my spot PB with a margin of 0.04km/h :p

@Niek, game on!

O Yeah!!!!