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Results of the day
1Antoine Albeau45.12
2Christian Arnold42.34
3Nils Bach40.52
4Heidi Ulrich38.44
5Willem Wolvers38.01

Repost by timekeeper

Repost by timekeeper

Big winds today and sometimes a bit square but there was some chop in the run because of a strong mistral. Started straight with the KA Speed 5,2 with a SDM mast for the first time to see how the sail  behaves while in big winds. Did some about the trim and sailing did go pretty quick but I didn't had the confidence to slingshot myself. Felt the potention of this setup and do need to try it a few times but noticed some nice accelaration with it.

As there was quit some chop in the NM run I didn't go for it. Second part of the session the wind turnt a bit more N and then the chop was dubble. For me to dangerous and after I did see a big crash I called it a day.

Nice to have meet you Heidi. Mr. Baldini you are doing a great job for the spot and the sport. Thx a lot for that and good luck with the event "Prince of Speed":)

not happy with my speed today...

wind was strong, but gusty and sandbanks and little waves were making the mile difficult...

but nice week in Le Rouet, now on my way back to Germany