Results of the day
1Raymond Wortel39.44
2Ron Koldeweid38.16
3Remco Kes37.97
4Rolf de Ruiter37.94

very cold session, also the wind wasn't what I was hoping for but we made the best of it! first i tried the new 26 asy, downwind all was fine, but getting up to speed over the chop was not going great, the 28 did that better! still didn't get it all flying unfortunately, but I did improve my PB on the Nautical:D

Kudo's to Raymond, you were truly on fire and made us all look like idiots:D

very cold day and not the wind I was hoping for. We took our slalom boards and made the best of it. first I tried the new Tribal asy 26, but this one seemed to be just a little too small for a good build up over the chop. later I took the 28 and that made it better. Still didn't really got it flying today but I did manage a new PB on the Nautical, I Like:D

Kudos to Ray, he was really on fire today and made us all look like rookies:p

Heel erg koud kon bijna mijn giek niet meer vasthouden van de kou. Ik heb gevaren met mijn Sonntag X1 23cm maar die heb ik nog niet toegevoegd aan gps speedsurfing. Zal ik zo even doen. Ik kreeg er de snelheid niet in met het net niet windje. Raymond wederom goed gevaren. Knap dat jij het er wel uit krijgt met zo een wind.

Thought 5.5 would be to small, but is was perfect.

Hitting a hail shower doing 76kmh/41kts is not funny btw...

Cold, chop, rain and thunder... Made 6 or 7 runs and when I hit 70 AVG, went home as fast as I could to go surfing with Julian. Congrats to Raymond, amazing speeds in far from perfect conditions.