Results of the day
1Rob King37.14
2Adam Gustafsson37.07

Big thanks to Adam for buddying up today, wind was a bit too square to get a good angle, but on the plus we could sail back up the course.

I may have gone a bit quicker with the 5.6m2 but too much hassle to change.

Great to get out and sail the storm with Rob. The weather was wild this morning with 60knot gusts in Cornwall and debris everywhere. On arrival it was cold and pouring with rain but we mustered the motivation to get out. The wind was super square and very gusty, good to be able to sail back up the course but only a short area to get runs in. Fantastic to use this kit again and great exercise. Perhaps 5.5 would have been better. Great to arrive home to a fantastic dinner, thanks a lot Hils