Results of the day
1Gunnar Asmussen49.93
2Twan Verseput 49.17
3Pep Bonet48.58
4Christian Arnold44.48
5Heidi Ulrich44.37

First day with some wind on the channel, tested my new 40cm av boards. Feels nice, more narrow the the previous boards in the tail, need more wind with it to get it really free but in the gusts it felt super comfy! 

first day with some wind in the canal.

good warm up day with several PB's.

fingers crossed for some mor wind.

First day of good wind in the channel, not very strong but enough to have fun, sailed with the Patrik 39 but also tried the New Patrik 37, felt super good with it! , gonna stik to that Patrik 37 board for now as long as there is enough wind.

First time at the Lüderitz speed canal with some wind....

Have to get used to this special place... :-)