Results of the day
1Simon Pettifer34.43
2Patrick Van Hoof33.48
3Mark Newman33.45
4Michael George32.6
5Neven Juretic31.58
6John Oliver31.4
7George Fulton31.38
8Adrian Wallis30.93
9Adrian Wallis29.76
10Phil Lewin28.4

Penultimate day of WSW 2019.

244 Day 6

Really happy with todays speeds at Weymouth today. My watch clocked 31.69 knots for a 500m run, so was looking forward to seeing my official WSW results from the event GT31 GPS.

Unfortunately the event GT31 GPS malfunctioned and kept dropping the its satellite signal, so it only record one 29.153 knot run all day.

Would have been 8th fastest windsurfer with 31.69 knots if the GT31 worked.

Hope it doesnt happen tomorrow!!

Speedweek Thursday

Speedweek Thursday