Results of the day
1Scotty Stallman35.86
2Pete Young35.7
3Jim Crossley35.37
4Simon Pettifer34.88
5Mark Newman34.03
6Garry Connell32.72
7John Oliver32.61
8Will Trossell32.6
9Michael George31.94
10Neven Juretic31.13
11George Fulton30.98
12Adrian Wallis30.84
13Adrian Wallis29.96
14Robin Russell28.52
15Neven Juretic28.35
16Phil Lewin27.41
17Tania Mertens24.07

250 day 4.

WSW. Super square & choppy if not backwards?

A frustrating day for me. I did very few runs overall with only two half decent runs... even those didn't feel particularly great.

Fortunately my overall results for WSW and the UKWA were not as bad as anticipated!

Tuesday Weymouth speed week

Changed down to a 5.7m wapr when the wind came through, but wind died and chagnged back up to the 6.3m at 1545. Course extended closeure to 1630

weymouth speed week 2019 


First day for me of Weymouth speed week. Hard work trying to find a setup that felt fast, fastest 500m was actually on the JP 62. Good days sailing.

Speedweek second windy day

Speedweek, Tue PM

A little off the pace but not too bad. hard work with the course being so square.

I should have stuck with the big sail all day. Bumpy course.

First day out at Weymouth Speed Week. Went with 6.3. Should have gone with the 7.1. Good to get out and get in the swing of things again. Looking foward to the rest of the week

Caught a nice squall taking my to first place for the day winning a pint pot money can not buy :) (and overall for a couple of days)


WSW. Super square & choppy if not backwards?