Results of the day
1Garry Goodwin34.53
2Adrian Brazier34.26

First on out, New PB for average!

Got here today at 8.00am and had to set up quickly as high tide was set for 11.30am but with a big storm surge, managed to get on the water quickly and get a few runs in but by 10.00am the tide was comming over the wall, had some nice runs but on the biggest gust I tried the mast foot right at the back and was not able to close the sail without the front end getting to much much lift, so on next run I put mast forward and about half way back from centre and it ran smooth and able to rake in sail gap catching as much wind as could, shame as prevous run had more wind but could not convert. Came in a derigged and then went out on the 9.4m tide with 5.7m 3 cam Firewing sail and was fine one way but to hard to sail in other direction so came in and rigged 5m storm with 105 tabou Rocket and was perfect. Tide was in for a long time today and covered half the car park. Rain showers but warm 17c. wind dropped off after 1.30 pm so packed up. Niceto be home early as 2.5- 3 hour drive.