Results of the day
1Shaun Cook31.01
2Simon Chippington 29.06
3Stephen Squirrell28.27

Power hour in our little bay that really has it all. must have been 15 sailors out on the water today.

Full sun / full power / loverly and warm, got to love the home spot

Wednesday 31st – Windsurf ***** - Point Clear – mainly cloudy.


Fin – 30.65 knot max., 28.29 knot ave ., 15.84 knot hour , 24.46 knot mile , 59.90 km., 19.12 knot alpha.


F2 282 Ride with Tushingham X-15 7 and 36 fin.


July just keeps on giving with two 5 stars sessions to end the month and for the second month in the row I managed 14 sessions covering 506.84 Km:)

After the long day at Southend yesterday where I concentrated on mile runs, getting the fasted on the day of 32.05 with 8 altogether over 30 knots we stayed out the night in our little VW at Alresford ready for an early start at Point Clear today. Mag and I had a good night’s sleep but still woke at 5.30 and Mag decided to go for a long walk down to the River Colne as she was about to spend several more hours as a windsurfing widow on the green at Point Clear! We decided to have our breakfast at Point Clear and arrived at nine with the tide thankfully low but the wsw wind gusting to 28 mph, I was hoping I didn’t need too small a sail after breaking my lovely small carbon boom yesterday. Al Parker from Cambridge who often sails at Felixstowe arrived too and we had a nice chat while deciding what to rig, Al was going to rig 5.2 on his 100 lt but upped it to 5.7 which was perfect for his lightweight:) After some yummy porridge I went for my 4 cammed 7m X-15, go big or go home is what they say apparently!!!! With my shortie still wet from yesterday O put my full Autumn suit on but was a little on the warm side! With the tide now well in and several sailors turning up including Felixtowe’s Neil Hurrell I set off on my 115-lt. board. I had a quick spin into the lagoon but with the water low it was definitely not windy enough so I headed out to sea. Then right in front of Brightlingsea where the wind went patchy my mast foot popped out of the UJ:( as I have had trouble with this in the past and have actually lost a board when this happened I tie a rope leash to keep the rig attached to the board but it was a pain to get it back together in the choppy sea! Once connected I then had trouble waterstarting as my rig was facing straight down and then when I had it in the right place it had 500 litres of water on top of it and weighed a ton and took a big effort to get it to fly being knackered from yesterday, I just love cambered sails!! Once sailing I soon found the wind line and sailed over two miles out to the Jaywick end where it got particularly choppy but then I had my best mile run of the day back getting 24.46, not bad in a lumpy sea. It is great sailing in the open sea here as you are flying only a few metres from the shore:) With the wind up I headed into the flatwater lagoon for some gybe practice getting 10 alphas over 17 knots which is not bad for an old-timer like me:) The lagoon was filling up with sailors, a big turn out for a Wednesday and it turned into a competition to get 30 knots as several slalom sailors had turned up including Shaun, Simon and Tom all on modern sails/boards/fins costing many of hundreds of pounds more than my 1997 board but I could hold my own being only the odd knot slower! I find it difficult to break 30 knots here in the lagoon unless its blowing in excess of 30 knots and it just wasn’t windy enough today but great fun none the less and was still flying in the 25 knot wind! I did manage one 30 knot run by bearing off into the killer chop and hanging on but couldn’t do enough for a really good average. I had been out for two hours and as I was away from Mag for the best part of six hours yesterday sailed back to check she is OK. She was much happier today and likes it here at Point Clear especially with its great parking on the Green with top views of the action and a lovely crowd of friendly sailors locals and visitors like us, it is still one of my favourite venues:) Neil came and had his lunch with us as we discussed the 50th round Mersea Island Race we are doing this coming Sunday, sadly it looks like the wind will be light:( Then Neil and I went out again before we lost the water with the tide now changed but the wind was lighter so we had a few runs out to sea before the wind eased even more and I wobbled back, time to call it a day after two full on sessions where taking its toll. Cuppa and biscuits were the other of the day, a nice catch up with some mates then pack up and head for home.

PS - and the best thing about the last two days the dreaded foiling was not mentioned once:)


great couple of days, noticed the fastest runs of the day were early at pointerzzzzz, must have been flatter then 5 stars all round