Results of the day
1John Skye28.49
2Thomas Frener26.17
3Gabriele Santoni26.12
4Michael Smits24.17
5Luca Cipani23.58
6Luca Cipani22.29

Even gekeken bij de one hour classic maar ook die mannen hadden het moeilijk... wat een chop, zo ontzettend druk op het water, niet te dien met de manta, maar te weinig wind voor de isonic 97... jammer

RRD ONE HOUR. Definitely not the fastest, Bruno nearly lapped me, but a really interesting experience. I struggled to get the trim on the first leg. It was a little bit upwind and into quite a big short chop. Could never seem to get comfortable. The way back was much better, but it was hard to make up much ground. I am hoping that they make another round today and I will change a few things and see how it goes.