Results of the day
1Scotty Stallman34.31
2Pete Young33.37
3Mark Newman33.08
4John Kennedy30.74
5George Fulton30.44
6John Kennedy30.38
7Jim Brake29.14
8Paul Arnold27.81
9Chris Pankhurst 24.66
10Mike Barnett23.2
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nice morning chasing scott!

Cold morning :-( , glad I choose my winter suite.

couldnt get there early doors but had fun anyway dodging the traffic 

Arrived a bitv too late & rigged too small a sail, 6.4...

Used pretty much every board, fastest run 97/34cm.

Crazy busy, choppy & square!

Mullered Z fin on a rock!!!

106km 6'12'' GW60 ran out of juice.

Nice morning chasing Pete!, and a bit more.

nice ride today ,, im glad it worked  and tested my self  running  with  a Hernia ,, Had to be a 7 today again  ,, Duuhh ,,,, very busy  ,,  but fun 

First outing of the year, great day

For some reason my log is coming out as 2 sessions and I can't join them :(

For some reson my session is split into two lots of data?

Session split in two :(

2nd part of session