Results of the day
1Scotty Stallman34.31
2Pete Young33.37
3Mark Newman33.08
4John Kennedy30.74
5George Fulton30.44
6John Kennedy30.38
7Jim Brake29.14
8Paul Arnold27.81
9Chris Pankhurst 24.66
10Mike Barnett23.2

nice morning chasing scott!

Cold morning :-( , glad I choose my winter suite.

couldnt get there early doors but had fun anyway dodging the traffic 

Arrived a bitv too late & rigged too small a sail, 6.4...

Used pretty much every board, fastest run 97/34cm.

Crazy busy, choppy & square!

Mullered Z fin on a rock!!!

106km 6'12'' GW60 ran out of juice.

Nice morning chasing Pete!, and a bit more.

nice ride today ,, im glad it worked  and tested my self  running  with  a Hernia ,, Had to be a 7 today again  ,, Duuhh ,,,, very busy  ,,  but fun 

First outing of the year, great day

For some reason my log is coming out as 2 sessions and I can't join them :(

For some reson my session is split into two lots of data?

Session split in two :(

2nd part of session