Results of the day
1Dennis Klaaijsen34.33
2Andrea Cucchi32.82
3Dennis De Pauw31.61
4Robin Blondeel31.48
5John Skye31.24
6Hugo Hekkenberg30.51
7Andy Laufer29.72
8Nigel Hart29.19
9Bjorn Dunkerbeck29.14
10Edgar Berger28.08
11Bjorn Dunkerbeck28.05
12Hessel Faber27.95
13Virgil Conan27.83
14Aron Etmon27.79
15Brice Boulay27.61
16Andy Hart27.61
17Raimundo Sala Albert27.04
18Hessel Faber26.7
19Ted de Pagter26.23
20Ted de Pagter26.23
21Ted de Pagter25.86
22Paul Van De Perre25.8
23Maron Rietveld25.59
24Raimundo Sala Albert25.11
25Marco Lambers24.96
26Joris Buijs24.78
27Steve Thompson24.75
28Ted de Pagter24.71
29Dean Hutchinson24.58
30Thomas Regler24.04
31Dean Hutchinson23.42
32Vincent Mylemans23.38
33Guillaume Montjotin22.96
34Garry Goodwin22.36
35Markus Poschmann22.31
36Aude Benavent22.26
37Garry Goodwin21.82
38Solomondos Caroline21.42
39Joris Buijs21.4
40Guillaume Montjotin21
41Aude Benavent20.96
42Solomondos Caroline20.67
43Marco Lambers20.66
44Thomas Regler10.55
45Bjorn Dunkerbeck5.88
46Virgil Conan5.53

Defi Race 1

Defi session #1 and #2. This was gooooooood :) finally a nice start.

Defi Race 2

warming up en 2 defi wind races. eerst met 6.2 en daarna met 7.0

Challenging first race today, did it!

1st Defi run. Going good, stuff is perfect!

Defi 2019. Really hard this year with lighter winds. 7.0 and a medium board because there was a lot of upwind, but I struggled. I definitely prefer 50kts conditions!! Still really fun though.

No good speeds really, but interesting to see tha stats anyway.


Two races sailed today. First one with 6.4 and Manta 59. Full throttle from pin end to Port la Nouvelle. Reach back was upwind. At the finish a close battle with Tatty Frans which in the  end cost me two places when two guys overtook me 2 meters before the finish, finishing 52nd

Second race on 7.8 with Manta 71. Again pin End start and stayed with the leaders till buoy number 1, rounding in about 25 place. Super close battles on the water and again fighting with Tatty on the line. This time I had the angle and clipped him two meters before the line, finishing 17th.

Overall 33th place

I expect super cool footage from the helicopter, it circled above our heads at the Pin both times at the start.

Race day during the Défi Wind.

Horrible start in both races, and then the caught up race started... In the end I finished 69th overall. Let's see where I can get next year with decent starts.

Was fun!

Warm-up and 2 races of defi wind. 

Race 1: 6.3 and slalom 60

race 2 : 7.0 and slalom 71


1st Defi race... what an experience, so cool. But also scary to start with so many people. After the first 5 km I got used to the waves, people and speed and I started to relax and enjoin.



2nd Race.. decided to change to a larger sail. In the stress I forgot to sign out before going to the water... which means that the race does not count.

the start was challenging, but then I decided to enjoy, sing a song and go as fast as I can.

During the race I stopped to turn on my gps, i just forgot it :) 

Invaren voor de wedstrijd. Alles staat perfect....... 

Toch nog omgewisseld naar een kleiner zeil, vlak voor de wedstrijd. Nooit moeten doen. Stond te klein, geen druk, stom stom stom.

Top gevaren, groter zeil gepakt ivm afnemende wind. Setje stond perfect en zonder al te veel moeite een geweldige heat gevaren tijdens Defi.
Blij mee........

2nd Defiwind heat
Had a blast!!!

Testrun before 1st heat of Defi 2019

Defi heat 1, finished 262nd

Manche 1 DEFI

Manche 2 DEFI

Defi Wind Race 1. 

defie wind 


Defi race is on! Compared to the last days, Tramontana is much weaker. Incredible event .. its really fun to ride with such a huge windsurfing crowd.