Results of the day
1Dennis Klaaijsen38.37
2Andy Laufer38.19
3Niek Huisman34.85
4Fred Durozo34.2
5Fabian Crombeen32.93
6Andy Hart32.91
7Bjorn Enqvist32.83
8Virgil Conan32.66
9Alex Sharp32.54
10Arnold Agema32.53
11Marco Lambers31.05
12Jesper Skytte30.72
13Brice Boulay29.46
14Hessel Faber29.35
15Anton J. Geesink29.3
16Markus Poschmann28.93
17Frank Vanderhaeghen28.6
18Joris Buijs28.58
19Hessel Faber28.02
20Sipke Bijlsma27.59
21Sipke Bijlsma27.18
22Joris Buijs26.78
23Thomas Regler26.41
24Garry Goodwin24.75
25Ted de Pagter5.87
26Hessel Faber5.71

I think its the first time i use a 5,0 racesail, took a while to get use to it. Session ended abruptly when i did a catapult and crashed the nose of the board. Now its fixed, new day tomorrow.

Defi Day 2 half way down the course

Training and test afternoon for Defiwind. Found the right setup for 25-40kn. now. Super fast unterwegs. But super tired. Can't go full speed for 40 km. Will see. Equipment is insane! Can t be any better.

Session 1 at Gruissan today, coached by Pieter Bijls, made a long track to PLN

Session 2 at Gruissan, wind dropped at the end so it was a long way back in slow motion

Morning at Port la Nouvelle with great conditions.


Afternoon with 6.4 and Manta 61 with 34 Nano V2.0.

Excellent day in paradise.

Another day full with wind... so much.. seems like the Tramontana does not stop.. however in the end the wind lowered..

diffictult to get proper speed, but fun with practicing gibes and using Pieter his tips.


Klote dag........
Niks stond lekker en ging lekker.
Nog zeil vergroot naar 4.5, ging ook niet.
Ben maar gestopt......

Lekker gevaren op het Defi gedeelte even trainen.
Veel "nieuwe"zandbanken waarvan er 1 mij verraste ,  op een plek waar hij voorheen niet zat een flink ondiep gedeelte.
Liep keihard vast , gevolg hoofdpijn en giek gebroken.

Jammer maar it's all in the game en verder wel lekker gevaren.
Waaide trouwens weer vrij fors.

eens mee oefenen en toch weer heftig

Second Tramontana day for Defi warm-up :-)