Results of the day
1Tim Laureyns31.22
2Koen Onderbeke30.98
3Patrick Depoorter29.96
4Patrick Depoorter29.94
5JeanPierre de Waard29.17
6Jethro Gijs27.98
7Marie-Paule Geldhof25.47

't Was werken vandaag, maar toch plezant. Wel fris aan de handen met 7-8° begin mei.. :)


vlagerige wind maar goed weer. Nieuwe spullen uittesten

lastig terugkomen dus sommige dingen weinig tunen.

Short session at Geersdijk. 8-9°C Sunny

Wind was very gusty, made it difficult and only sailable with a big board. If not able to float it was impossible to survive the luls. Very difficult to sail back, some of us had to do the walk of shame this time.

I'm very pleased with a 10s of +61 km/h in these conditions, with the old fat lady, in the middle of the lake in a very hard gust flying over the chop!

Avg is not good, was very difficult for me to do fast runs because it was a struggle to get back upwind, but I like these numbers:

Pr Falcon 124 10s 61,16 km/h

Pr Falcon 124 2s 62.42 km/h

Pr Falcon 124 500m 56.94 km/h

I think there is only one explanation:

The all new Loftsails Racing Blade 7.0m²

104 km !!!! en geen 262 :-)


Track from GT-31 to compare