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PR and Swiss Record - 1 Hour

Yeahhhhh - GPS World Record

fastest women in the world on the 1 hour

Average 44.11kmh/23.82knots
Max speed 32.2 knots

On saturday 27 april 2019 i broke the gps speed 1hour world record!
The recor holder was Leta Margoni/greek.She did in 2013 average 23.02 knots on 1 hour.

Port la Nouvelle - Gruissan
The wind was a bit gusty and around 28 knots, so I decided to take warp 5.4 and 95 patrikboard... 

Than... during the hour the wind was increasing to 35 and the water became rough and choppy... but i didn‘t want to give up... so i was fighting and i was so just following christian who did the swiss record ??

Super happy with this record and the result... but I know...
I can do it better!! 

Stay tuned, cheers HiD

PR and Swiss Record - 1 Hour