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1Mark Hayford35.52
2Adrian Brazier35.18
3Rob Morgan24.73
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Short lunch time light wind XL speed board session. Wind 15k to 29k when I arrived, but it quickly picked up, gusting over 30k at times. The 7.8m was to big to make the most of the bigger gusts and I didn't have time to rig a 6.3m, so I just hung on to the 7.8m instead. Every body else we're on 5.5m to 6.3m, but at least my arms are longer now. Was fun.  

Today the wind was moving around alot from west to north west and yo yo wind. Decided on spedd 44 Isonic and neil pyride 6.2m evo 2 sail and ment alot of standing in cold water waiting and waiting, On the positive im getting much more confence about running the wall full lit on speed board and wanting more wind, love this old sail as can really lean on and get into nice comfortable position and a steady sail. Had one good opertunaty for speed but i was at wrong end of pond and rushed to get back, got on and wind went very broad as storm blew in making for that horrible death chop even a quarter way down the wall so had to abandon that run. Still cloady and sunny day, cooller feel than yesterday but still 10c. Nice to see other sailers like Mark sailing his overpowered at times 7.8 sail.