1Robert Hofmann83,32
2Pep Bonet82,43
3christophe peyrouse79,56
4Klaus Küppenbender77,08
5anthony Rebours71,5
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Getting used to the Patrik 43, lovely board, easy..

It was a beautifull day sailing with many riders arround, too many waves.


5th day this week with 40+kn of wind

Arms are so tired,when the wind picked up

Finally some good wind, but really bad luck with the waves! It was so difficult and dangerous to push 100%! One knot more was possible with flat water, because the wind angle was great! Start to get the feeling with my Severne M2 Sails, but I think in this conditions a Severne Speed Sail would maybe give a bit more range!

Had to swith to the GERMAN nationality to be in the Nations Ranking...there is nobody sailing Speed in Italy anyway, and I get supported by Starboard/Severne Germany!!

Nice speeds roberto