Results of the day
1Hans Kreisel43.25
2Jacques van der Hout42.79
3Jeroen Jacobs36.87
4Arnold Schreurs33.77

Bit too square for me, still a great mornin with Jeroen!

Only the 2 of us on the spot this afternoon. Very relaxed.

Could not resist to make another 80km avg session today had to push it a little because the angle was not that good. Not a lot of people at Ouddorp. Just Jacq me and some freestylers and Dennis Klaaisen was at Hompelvoet didn't see him at first so and he was on the water when i got there and still was when i went home. So almost got a little worried untill i see his sail pop up behind the island. Hope you had a nice sesh Dennis

Thanks for looking out for me Hans and Jacques. If I would have known you guys where there, I would have come back a bit earlier.