Results of the day
1Adam Gustafsson39.81
2Rob King38.46

Only managed 6 runs as it took 20mins each time to walk back up wind through the mud, still worth it though.

Thanks to Adam for buddying  up

Top Day out sailing with Rob.

Good conditions with a solid WNW wind and a nice angle on the course, wind was a little gusty on the run. Quite possibly the most demanding day sailing I have ever had, the wind meant sailing up the course was impossible so we had to wade through the mud for every run. Sometimes it took almost 25 minutes to get back to the top so we both only got six short runs in! Had cramps in both legs and totally exhausted by the end of the day! Had a nice 44.80 vmax at the end of one run. Next time can someone bring a jetski to ferry us back to the start. Beautiful afternoon with the sun out and a reasonable water temperature. Looking forward to having a cruise on the big board now.