Results of the day
1Scotty Stallman36.91
2Lee Spencer32
3Chris Pankhurst 26.22

Only 1 good run

all time struggle session today  wasnt easy 

 bang square felt like 70 knot wind but only the direction  causing it ,, but  slap flat 

pulled me arm out and snapped me steel harness  bar  from jabbing west  wind 

 managed to get 2 runs out me 6.2 for the first time  as well 


have managed to locate some kind of wind speed  as the masts  are out ,,,,,,  it was showing gusts of near 60 at Lymington  yaht  club in the afternoon  so im reconing the wind was  either more or the same that day  accounting for a little tricky conditions ,,,,,, get the mast sorted my harbour master  friends !