Results of the day
1Mark Newman28.54
2Simon Pettifer27.33
3Scotty Stallman27.09
4Alex Smith25.64
5Simon Chippington 25.35
6George Fulton24.78
7Robin Russell23.83
8Phil Lewin10

Day 4 WSW.

Fin 38 spare G10.

All came good  in the end, sun, wind direction & a little bit of wind.

4 days out of 4 for wsw!

weymouth speed week

Trip down to weymouth speed week in Whiteys new motorhome , great trip and a cracking two evenings with the WSW crew. Wasnt much wind forecast but still got a few runs down the 500yrd course and i ended 2nd in my fleet for the day .

Back in two weeks for the last slalom event of the season, plenty of wind please.