Results of the day
1JeanPierre de Waard37.24
2Patrick Depoorter33.85
3Marie-Paule Geldhof32.08

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we hebben dat stuk strand geannexeerd......tis nu belgisch grondgebied.......met Péage :-) :-)

3th and last day of the trip JP and I made to speedsurfing walhalla in La Palme, France. Congrats to JP De Waard who managed to sail different PB's today, in these horrible conditions. Led bij our Coach Koen, (who I hope will find his way back to this site), JP got better by the run. Conditions where in fact impossible speedsurfing conditions, with incoming, breaking waves, sometimes up to one meter steep like a wall. All other speedsurfers left the scene to search for alternatives. We ( four of us) wanted to give it a go. If only I should have started sailing later I could have made something of my session. In the afternoon water got flatter, but still incoming waves. By the time it became sailable for me I was exhousted.

Coach was giving speedsurfing lessons in wave conditions, JP who showed also his skills, was able to pick up and performe the given lessons, MP-ke was going up and down between the waves as if she did this every day, and I was struggeling. Never managed to do a single decent run, but got all in one piece, wich also is an achievement in itself ;)

The beach and the course where Belgian today (if we pretend JP is Belgian because he travelled in a car with Belgian licence :) :) :)