Results of the day
1Dirk Jan Knol40.81
2Jean-Charles Hoffmann40.57
3Nils Bach40.54
4Gerlof Hansma40.46
5Edwin Harteveld40.07
6Jean-marc Degrelle39.49
7Hendrik de Jong39.07
8anthony Rebours37.43
9Gerard ten Berge37.41
10Gerard ten Berge37.35
11Andreas Grosse-Holz36.93
12Sander Wiltschut35.67
13Birgit Hoefer34.85
14Marie-Paule Geldhof34.42
15Patrick Roordink33.96
16Thomas Piorek29.21
17Thomas Piorek28.63

if only there was one more hour of wind.... :(

so nice feeling with the 20.5 Z

 Nice session together with  friends from Holland and Germany , Itali.  Not much wind but i hade some fun. Very crowded with freestylers and Kites.

What a nice day on La Rouet with friends!

Sun, 28 degrees, now and than some wind..

First time my Severne Mach 1 7 mtr, very sweet sail, for the first time a good impression. Maybe some testing with more tension on the upper battons and 460 mast. Now 430 mast, a very controllable sail and fast!

Hopefully more tomorrow ;-)

hopefully tommorow some wind

Leuke dag in La Franqui met Hendrik, Edwin en Dirk Jan. In het begin de 5,6 en de 50 gevaren met een asy vin. Het waaide alleen niet hard, dus eerst de gps6 eronder gedaan, dat voer wel beter maar het zeil was te klein. Het kostte mij teveel kracht in die vlagerige wind, dus toen toch de 6,3 gepakt, en dit ging meteen super lekker.

Sonnenaufgangsession mit Nils  -)

Gt31 higher 2sec. Will upload later to compare.

Anyway great session with many speedsurfers from all over EU!

Hans Kreisel MANY thanks for your good advice, very happy with the the 20,5 Asy Z- Fun. Lots of control and super easy!

Grazie mille.


GT-31 Upload

De vrijdag-sessie, te veel downhaul!

Grtz. Sander.