Results of the day
1Wiro Nillesen30.56
2Benjamin Verdin28.24
3Maarten Keijsers27.51
4Peter Bruijnen26.16
5Driessen Bart25.99

Hele mooie dag op Kessenich met Maarten Peter en Bart.

Stond wat te groot. Maar leuke dag met Wiro, Peter en Bart en natuurlijk vele andere leden van MaSurfspot

Still learning how to get grip on the foil. It goes better every time, but still have to practice alot. Today the wind was a bit on the high side for the foil. I even tried with a 4.3 which worked (but only in the gusts). I could easy go with my F89 with same sail and did a 59run (62max) so then you know it's a bit tricky on the foil ;-)

2nd time with my suunto, but need to change some settings. I also made 3 files (by stopping and restarting the watch) but forgot it the first time. I had to merge 2 files (the other one was F89 only) but on the first file there is some F89 tracks as well, so speeds shown are not on the foil, lol.

Max on the foil was around 41, runs between 35-38. Fast enough ;-)

Alot of people on the water and apparently alot of then own foils as well. Nice place to go at 45min drive! Cya soon guys

Een mooie dag, vlagerige wind. Waarschijnlijk vandaag mijn Isonic lek gevaren blijkt achteraf.