Results of the day
1Patrick Depoorter28.52
2Joeri de la Ruelle28.45
3Danny Strynck27.99
4David Van der Veken24.85

Wisselende condities op de Plaat. Veel volk, leuke dag, hoewel, niet voor iedereen...

Dave maakte een venijnige katapult.


lang geleden maar eff terug naar de o plaat   de home spot  met gezellig weerzien van een hoop surfbudies  toen ik aan kwam  ging dave er af  met gezicht vol bloed   die moest naar spoed   was leuk varen   vandaag 

Not my day as I arrived a bit later than a had in mind but wind was there for sure. Most of them were on 7.8 and that seemed a bit big because I had to take 8.4. The 7.0 has a good belly and so great power so I took that one. In my first run that I wanted to do back to shore a had a gust and bad catapult and I was hit really hard on my cheakbone. It ended very quickly for me unfortunatly but I was happy to see 65 km topspeed 1 sec. It resulted in only 63 but I guess the "boy" on the board was not ready yet. 
Untill next and without injury LOL

Leuke sessie in het zonnetje ;-)