Results of the day
1Hans Kreisel35.29
2Sander van Huizen34.68
3Stefan Brouwers33.37
4Jeroen Jacobs32.64
5Richard Lutter32.53
6Edgar Hoendervangers32.23
7Dirk Hacha31.8
8Marco Lambers31.3
9Jacques Pellen31.06
10Erwin Rovers30.93
11Theo Boudewijn30.82
12Frank Langhorst29.92
13Arnold Schreurs29.82
14Joris Soekarman28.7
15Erwin Rovers28.45
16Harry Bol27.05

Was weer lekker.

Geweldige avondsessie, van 18.00 - 20.00 uur heerlijk gevaren. 

Good to be finally able to get on a board after 2weeks of pain in my back. To bad after 3runs i already snapped my harnes line which put me back a few days on my recovery. Nice to see the buds again and have a proper session bit underpowerd on the 7,0 but i think it was better me and not put full pressure on my back. 

First time at OdH, beautiful spot! 

Evening session after epic traffic on the way over. Great session with friends. Best speeds made passed the dams in the (small) chop

Lekker zomeravondje cruisen.. gezellig met Stijn. Zon, wind.. prima avondje.. volgende keer een paar knopen meer wind :)

Heerlijke zomerse avondsessie.

Zo weer het water op na schilderen bij mijn dochter .