1Robin Blondeel45,45
2Arnout den Boer45,05
3Willem van Klink43,71
4Jurgen Broekman42,83
5David Van der Veken40,96
6Luc Schoutteten40,23
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already the first summer session? 

Very low wind pumping, happy to be on the wather!!

pumpin HOt starT of the season, happy to be there again

First session of the year since my windsurf injury last year in november when I ripped the "LABRUM" of my shoulder. Have to say the wind was marginal but nevertheless a good test to see how I healed and no pain what so ever so happy for that. Even pumping on the sail did no harm. 

Not the conditions and session I hoped for but great sunny day with my brother and his family. 
I used my brothers gear RRD V9 122l with Loft Sails 7.8 (2012) and Z 41 cm