Results of the day
1Jacques van der Hout40.16
2Fabian Crombeen36.82
3Koen Onderbeke35.23
4Pat Erauw31.7
5Marie-Paule Geldhof30.32

10->8°C 240° Still coping with the remainders of a nasty flu and with a semi-blocked lower back due to lying in bed >16hrs/day the last 2 days, glad to be out again. Helped by an Anti-grippine pill, managed to make good on the hour (currently 2nd pos. this month, including a badly screwed up gibe, losing at least a minute) but missed out on several fast gibe opportunities down the lower part of the strip... (registered 46,5 at 70m width...need to re-study the optimal trajectory down there). Nice to see some real friends back, but not enough time to chat... next time !! Tomorrow time to rest ;-)

@500 = 0

@500 met gpsar = 43.38 km/u